Wallpapers HD of the Red Dead Redemption Game

Red Dead Redemption is a classic sandbox signed by Rockstar, creators of the Grand Theft Auto saga, which, on this occasion, transfers its formulas of action and total freedom to a suggestive backdrop related to the Wild West. In the videogame we are John Marston, an icon of anti-heroes in the history of interactive entertainment, who is involved in a story of revenge and justice against a group of bandits to protect his family in danger.

An open world in the "far west" full of endless prairies, mountain passes, frontier towns, duels, combat and peculiar gunfighters await you in this title from the Houser brothers that goes by the name of Red Dead Redemption, an indirect sequel to Red Dead Revolver that this time uses the RAGE graphics engine already used in GTA IV and GTA V with extraordinary results both to render the cities of these and to show the impressive natural landscapes of this video game of cowboys, shootouts and majestic horseback rides.