Wallpapers HD of the Revenge TV Show

A 'Gossip Girl'-style high class drama that tries to give itself intellectual airs by reinterpreting Alexandre Dumas' novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo', only in a female version. Emily Van Camp, a very good actress known for her role as Amy Abbott in 'Everwood' and Rebecca Harper in 'Five Brothers', gives life to Emily Thorne, a mysterious woman who travels to the Hamptons - vacation spot of the richest - to take revenge on those who destroyed her family.

In the Hamptons, just outside New York, no one survives without fortune, beauty and social status. It's what differentiates the rich from the poor; the interesting from the outcast. But Emily is willing to lie and infiltrate; to overcome all these barriers in order to get her revenge. She has a neighbor or two with money, has made several friends and, it seems, has adapted to the city like a classy heiress to a Chanel suit. Although there's something not quite right about a young woman living alone in such an exclusive place? It used to be her place of residence, until something happened to her family and her reputation. Now Emily is not as innocent as before and is ready to make her enemies pay for what they did.