Wallpapers HD of the Riddick Movie

Vin Diesel ('Fast and Furious', 'xXx') returns as Richard B. Riddick in this new installment of the saga based on the novels of "The Chronicles of Riddick", directed and written, like the first two, by David Twohy ('A Perfect Getaway'). This time the Furyan, abandoned to his fate by his own species and left for dead on a devastated planet, will have to fight to stay alive. He seems to be the only inhabitant in the strange place, but alien predators stalk the night, which makes his survival quite complicated. Riddick thanks to his night vision will manage to avoid the dangerous beings, becoming even more powerful.

The perfect opportunity presents itself to him among so much chaos when several bounty hunters of the galaxy try to capture him, taking advantage of his arrival to get his ship, with which he will try to avenge the death of Kyra, return to Furya to finish with the necrophiliacs and thus save his planet from imminent destruction.