Wallpapers HD of the rime Game

Transmit sensations without words. This is one of the foundations on which RiME is built, a beautiful 3D puzzle adventure developed by the Spanish team of Tequila Works, authors of the remarkable Deadlight. In this video game for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch we embody a child who must explore a large and colorful island plagued by nightmarish creatures, but also locations of unparalleled beauty. RiME seeks to awaken in us the feeling of curiosity typical of children, leading us to experiment with the environment in many possible ways while we overcome platforming obstacles or challenges linked to light, sound, perspective and even time. The team led by Raul Rubio wants to make us feel the same as the protagonists of the movie Jason and the Argonauts, with confrontations of very different nature against the creatures that populate the beautiful game environment in which the action takes place, reminiscent of the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Artistically RiME drinks a lot from authors like Sorolla and, for his slow style, to convey emotions with the power of images and sound instead of words, has been compared to the work of Fumito Ueda and his Team ICO, creators of The Last Guardian or Shadow of the Colossus, although this adventure of exploration and puzzles follows its own path, with tests that will take us to the depths of the sea, or spectacular fights against fearsome creatures that must be defeated with intelligence and not brute force because the protagonist is not a hero, just a child.