Wallpapers HD of the Rio 2 Movie Movie

Blu, Perla and their three little ones enjoy a comfortable, happy and perfect life in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But Perla is very clear that her children must learn to live like the free and wild birds they are, and she is convinced that the best way to do this is to move to the Amazon. There is a whole jungle at her disposal, and she is willing to take advantage of the possibility.

Once there, Blu will have to face her new neighbors and the terrible idea of losing Perla and her children because they decide to live in the wilderness forever. Blu makes every effort he can to fit in, but soon finds himself involved in a beak-to-beak fight with the vengeful Nigel, which will complicate his life quite a bit. In addition, the bird soon meets the most frightening of all the inhabitants of the jungle: his father-in-law.