Wallpapers HD of the Rio Movie Movie

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, birds are singing and dancing happily. Among them all, a baby blue macaw sees the other birds flying freely, but when it is about to take a leap into flight, several birds are captured and caged, which causes the little macaw to fall from a tree and be captured along with all the other birds, which are taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota, United States. There, the box carrying the blue macaw accidentally falls off the truck in which it was being transported. He is then found by a girl named Linda, who adopts him and names him Blu.

After 15 years, Linda owns a bookstore and Blu behaves like a human, so much so that he has not yet developed his flying ability, but he has learned many human skills not very common in a bird and was by her side during her birthday parties, spelling contests and even at her school graduation party. One day, an ornithologist named Tulio Monteiro (Julio Monteiro in Latin America) arrives at Linda's bookstore and tells her that he has traveled thousands of miles looking for Blu, because as far as he knows, he is the last male of his species, so he must travel to Rio de Janeiro to mate with the last female, which is there. Linda and Blu are not convinced by Tulio's proposal, since they do not like to travel, but Tulio asks Linda to think about it and gives her his number. At night, Blu makes an attempt to fly, but fails because of his fear. Linda finally decides to go to Rio with Blu, thinking it would be the best thing for him.