Wallpapers HD of the Rock of Ages Movie

Inspired by the Broadway musical of the same name, 'Rock of Ages' revolves around Sherrie (Julianne Hough, 'Burlesque'), a girl from a small town, who meets Drew (Diego Boneta, 'Sensation of Living, the New Generation') at the bar where she goes to work, the Sunset Strip. Soon the young aspiring actress and Drew start dating as a couple and will be immersed in a spiral of dreams, fame and a lot of rock'n roll. Music will be their bond of union, which will materialize in their love for the great bands of the moment, from Poison to Def Leppard to Bon Jovi, and in the macro-concerts that made history. These are hard times, a time of constant changes, but also of too much laziness and excesses, in which they will try to enjoy life to the fullest and not give up in the face of problems.