Wallpapers HD of the Rust Game

A cruel and savage survival adventure. This is the best way to define Rust, a survival sandbox with action elements that proposes to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where your biggest enemy is the other players. You could cooperate, you could work as a team to create a better world, but this game from the authors of Garry's Mod shows the worst side of man, confronting other players for a few resources, better weapons, or the simple pleasure of hunting. Rust is developed by Facepunch Studios and its game premise does not differ much from other survival adventures. You start empty-handed, and by collecting resources and learning recipes, you create better weapons, new work tools and even houses in which to protect yourself. Since death lurks in every corner of this post-apocalyptic world, Rust manages to create a certain sense of fear among players: are they friendly, are they going to shoot and rob me?

These kinds of situations have made Rust one of the most popular survival games on the market. If you prefer to avoid combat, the game allows you to customize the servers so that the creation and construction part is encouraged instead of combat.