Wallpapers HD of the Saints Row IV Game

Volition, creators of the cult games Red Faction, continue working on their most popular saga, the action and open-world criminal brand Saint's Row. While they started with a formula that kept strong similarities with the GTA franchise, this time they definitively dissociate themselves by betting on the hooligan humor with which they began to flirt in previous installments, but taking it this time to the limits of true madness that cause that there is nothing similar to what this Saint's Row 4 offers.

In the game we are the president of the United States placed under the yoke of an impossible alien threat that becomes our greatest enemy and the real challenge to overcome. Still present in this installment all the keys of previous games in terms of the strength of the shootings and the presence of vehicles, but are seasoned with superpowers, weapons even more absurd than before and a hilarious story full of parodies to other major video games of recent times.