Wallpapers HD of the Sakura Card Captor Anime

About Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto is a 10 year old girl who lives with her father Fujitaka and her brother Touya. The story begins when Cardcaptor Sakura wallpaper opens a strange book called The Clow and accidentally releases the cards that this one contained, Sakura will have to pass great difficulties to seal the cards but with the help of her friends Tomoyo, Shaoran and Kerberos they will live great adventures to achieve their objective, to catch all the Clow cards.

In it we will see Sakura facing a double life that in many occasions will take her to lie to her friends to protect them or not to be able to explain them something so strange as magic. The cards of Clow are complex since some are simply good and will accept to join Sakura but others will not make it easy, even going so far as to attack her to avoid being locked up again.

But Sakura is not alone her inseparable Kero-chan, guardian of the cards will help her to gather all the cards and to avoid that these do damage to innocent people. She will also count on her friend Tomoyo to support her, although this one will not know anything of her double life and she will have to limit herself to help her friend when it is necessary without being conscious that in many occasions she exposes herself to the danger when being by her side. This makes Sakura try to hunt the cards at night which makes her fall asleep in class constantly and Tomoyo has to help her with her homework and exams.

As the story advances we will know more information of the magician Clow and why he created the cards, something that will be really important to understand many of the cards and the relationship that they will establish with the protagonist. We will also see that Sakura will not be the only one who goes after the cards for other purposes than her own, which is to return them to their original state.