Wallpapers HD of the Serious Sam 3 Game

About Serious Sam 3

"Serious Sam 3" is an action-packed first-person shooter known for its intense gameplay and memorable characters. In this game, players will encounter a variety of intriguing characters as they battle hordes of hostile creatures and enemies.

Serious Sam

Serious Sam is the game's fearless and heavily armed protagonist. He's known for his one-liners and unrelenting determination to defeat the alien invaders.

Dr. Sam Stone

Dr. Sam Stone is an archaeologist and the future version of Serious Sam. He plays a key role in the game's narrative and its time-traveling elements.


Mental is the game's primary antagonist, a powerful extraterrestrial overlord who leads the invasion of Earth. He's a menacing and formidable enemy.

Quinn Morgendorffer

Quinn Morgendorffer is a character who assists Sam throughout the game. She offers support and information in the fight against Mental's forces.

The Sirian Great Council

The Sirian Great Council is a group of ancient beings who play a role in the game's storyline and provide Sam with guidance and knowledge to confront Mental.