Wallpapers HD of the Seventh Son Movie

18th century. Young Thomas (Ben Barnes, 'The Portrait of Dorian Gray') will have to learn to be a magician and fight and battle with evil spirits at the hands of a powerful specter (played by Jeff Bridges, 'The Big Lebowski') who will instruct him in the handling of the arts of the afterlife. Thomas, who is the seventh son of a seventh son (that's why he must go with Master Gregory), has to leave his home and go on a dangerous adventure that will take him into the abysses of the physical world, in a series of extraordinary adventures as wonderful as they are creepy. His first challenge will be to catch a powerful witch (Julianne Moore, 'Magnolia') who has escaped and wants to spread evil wherever he goes after being deceived by a young woman, Alice (Alicia Vikander, 'A Royal Affair') who seduces him to achieve her purposes. This fantasy film is directed by Russian Sergei Bodrov ('Mongol'), who adapts Joseph Delaney's children's novel "The Spectre's Apprentice", which could be the beginning of a new film saga.