Wallpapers HD of the Silent Hill Revelation Movie

The new adaptation of the video game 'Silent Hill 3' comes to the cinema under the direction of Michael J. Bassett, following, with a new cast, a plot similar to the previous film production, 'Silent Hill' (2006). Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) lives with her father, Harry Mason (Sean Bean, 'Game of Thrones'). Both try to find an explanation for the horrific nightmares that have plagued the teenager since she was a child, but to no avail. In them, Heather screams the name of Silent Hill, but neither she nor her father can find an explanation for the strange forces that creep into her mind.

The day before her coming of age, Harry disappears and the young girl again has the eerie dreams, which this time reveal her true identity. The girl comes from Silent Hill, a very spooky ghost town. Heather will go there after suffering a mysterious car accident and there she will end up finding her true origin.