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About Sons of Anarchy

"Sons of Anarchy" is a gripping television drama centered around an outlaw motorcycle club and their struggles in the fictional town of Charming. Here are 15 significant characters from Sons of Anarchy:

Jax Teller

Jax Teller is the central character and vice president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (SAMCRO). His internal conflicts drive the narrative of the series.

Clay Morrow

Clay Morrow is the president of SAMCRO and a complex character with both loyalty and ruthlessness. His actions have far-reaching consequences for the club.

Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow is Jax's mother and Clay's wife. Her manipulative nature and maternal instincts play a significant role in the club's dynamics.

Tara Knowles

Tara Knowles is a doctor and Jax's love interest. Her character faces the challenges of being in a relationship with a member of SAMCRO.

Opie Winston

Opie Winston is Jax's best friend and a loyal member of SAMCRO. His character undergoes considerable tragedy and turmoil throughout the series.

Chibs Telford

Chibs Telford is the vice president of SAMCRO and a loyal ally to Jax. His Scottish background adds a unique flavor to the club's diversity.

Bobby Munson

Bobby Munson is the secretary and treasurer of SAMCRO. His level-headedness and musical talents contribute to the dynamics of the club.

Tig Trager

Tig Trager is SAMCRO's sergeant-at-arms known for his volatile temperament. His character's actions often lead to intense consequences for the club.

Happy Lowman

Happy Lowman is SAMCRO's enforcer and an adept fighter. His stoic and intimidating presence makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Juice Ortiz

Juice Ortiz is the club's intelligence officer with a troubled past. His character navigates loyalty conflicts and personal struggles.


Kozik is a member of SAMCRO known for his close relationship with Tig. His character brings both humor and drama to the dynamics of the club.

Clarence "Clay" Morrow Jr.

Clarence "Clay" Morrow Jr., also known as "Clay Jr.," is the son of Clay Morrow and a key character in the later seasons of the series.

Wendy Case

Wendy Case is Jax's ex-wife and the mother of his son, Abel. Her character undergoes transformations as she grapples with addiction and motherhood.

Althea Jarry

Althea Jarry is a sheriff and a law enforcement character introduced in later seasons. Her interactions with SAMCRO add an additional layer of tension to the series.

Nero Padilla

Nero Padilla is a former gangster turned legitimate businessman who becomes entangled with SAMCRO. His character provides a unique perspective on the club's activities.