Wallpapers HD of the South Park TV Show

'South Park' revolves around Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny who are four loudmouthed friends growing up in a surreal town called South Park in Colorado, a town whose citizens seem to be more politically correct than the rest. Kyle Broflovski is the smartest of the group after Cartman and has more common sense than the others in the way he acts in everyday life; Stan Marsh, you could say, is the most normal of the group and very mature despite his age. He is kind and also somewhat nervous; Kenny McCormick is a lower social class kid who always dies in every episode; and Eric Cartman is like the antagonist of the two, a fat, selfish, spoiled, racist and xenophobic kid who is always rivaling Kyle. This politically incorrect comedy animation is created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and uses jokes that are often satirical and irreverent using parodies with references to popular culture, scatology, black humor, violence and surreal situations.