Wallpapers HD of the Star Citizen Game

Star Citizen is the biggest and most ambitious of space simulators, one developed by the father of the legendary Wing Commander saga, veteran Chris Roberts. The game takes place on a massive, persistent world where thousands of players from around the world can pilot a wide variety of spaceships while performing the tasks of an explorer, a trader, a soldier or even a space pirate. The freedom of action and realism in the handling of starships are two of the main attractions of a game that seeks to be strong in depth and simulation, but where there is also room for FPS parts. What Cloud Imperium Games is trying to achieve with the video game is little less than unprecedented in the history of interactive entertainment, and its fascinating fusion of genres includes deep gameplay mechanics for shooter, galactic travel simulation, open and persistent world and a host of other references. To achieve this, they have relied on a millionaire crowdfunding that has broken all crowdfunding records on the day of its release, touching 150 million dollars as of March 2017, and has immersed fans around the world in a fascinating mechanics of buying ships with which to explore the confines of the universe.

With an all-star cast including Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson or the eternal Mark Hamill, the title does not neglect at all the narrative part that takes place in the Squadron 42 module. It also seeks to be a real reference in the visuals, where its graphic section has already impressed both in its alphas and in the different trailers that have been made public. Although it initially made use of the CryEngine engine, its developers have finally opted to do the same with Lumberyard, a tool owned by Amazon, with which those responsible intend to position the game even higher in the rankings of the most visually impressive.