Wallpapers HD of the Star Wars Battlefront Game

The original 'Star Wars Battlefront' by the sadly defunct Pandemic Studios still enjoys a lot of affection and recognition among the most devoted Star Wars users. It is true that time tends to inflame its goodness, forgetting all the bad (which there was), but there is no denying that it managed to materialize the wet dream of any fan by offering epic battles, regardless of the side (Jedi or Sith), and along highly recognizable environments. The new 'Star Wars Battlefront', the one from DICE and edited by EA, which is also called both 'Star Wars Battlefront 3' and 'Star Wars Battlefront (2015)' to differentiate it from the 2004 original, is a true reflection of the era we are in, for better or worse. The most purists will probably continue to pull on nostalgia, longing for somewhat forgotten mechanics, as happens to me whenever I remember the first 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory', but the truth is that DICE has withstood the pressure and we are facing a very worthy return of the saga. Not the desired one, but one to keep in mind.