Wallpapers HD of the Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Game

Three games. One for each of the three protagonist factions in the fascinating StarCraft universe. That was the deal Blizzard struck with its fans years ago; committed to creating three real-time strategy titles that would be etched with fire and blood in the memory of fans of the genre. Wings of Liberty, the campaign centered on the Terrans, was a magnificent preview of what was yet to come; and the recently released Heart of the Swarm, starring the terrifying Zerg, is the reaffirmation of something that was to be expected considering the trajectory of this team responsible for classics such as Warcraft or Diablo.

This first major content expansion for StarCraft II presents a very high level of quality in each and every one of its sections, making up another magnificent and epic intergalactic adventure to which little more can be asked for. It is exciting, very addictive, offers a wide range of strategic options, has a rock-solid multiplayer aspect, and its main campaign represents in a brilliant way the excessive power of the Zerg swarm.