Wallpapers HD of the Stoker Movie

India Stocker (Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Wonderland) has just lost her father in a car accident. Shattered, at the funeral, she will meet her mysterious uncle: Charlie Stocker (Matthew Goode, Match Point), who will visit the family to pay his condolences and pay his respects to Mia's mother, Evelyn Stocker (Nicole Kidman, The Others). The young Indian girl will be unconsciously attracted to the seductive and ambiguous Charlie... although the atmosphere will begin to thicken as soon as people start disappearing around her. What secret is Charlie hiding?

Locked up in a sumptuous mansion, India, Evelyn and Charlie will be forced into a strange bond of love, desire and terror, marked by power relations and the irrational force that radiates from a secret of an enigmatic and dangerous nature. Korean director Park Chan-wook embarks on his first American adventure after becoming one of the most influential filmmakers of recent times thanks to his film Old Boy (2003).