Wallpapers HD of the Stolen Movie

Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage, 'Leaving Las Vegas') has ended up in prison after dedicating his life to robbing bank branches. After serving his sentence, disillusioned with the prospects that await him, all he wants is to get away from that kind of life and start from scratch. One of the first things he wants to regain is the love and trust of Allison, his daughter (Sami Gayle, 'The Congress'), to whom he has never had enough time to devote. But things won't go exactly as he expects: a fellow hustler friend, Vincent (Josh Lucas, 'Undertown'), will kidnap his daughter to take revenge on him and get a good cut: $10 million for the ransom. Will will only have 24 hours to collect this amount and he will only have one person to trust, Riley (Malin Akerman, 'Watchmen'), who will help him in this race against the clock to get Allison back alive.