Wallpapers HD of the Styx Master of Shadows Game

Before the beginning of the generation, many analysts and companies assured that we would see less and less mid-budget games, due to the risk involved in launching a title to the market. We are glad they were wrong, because today we continue to receive interesting proposals such as this Styx: Master of Shadows that, without being the great surprise of stealth that many expected in it, it does have solid and classic bases that take us back to another era. Where the new work of Cyanide does try to differentiate itself is in its presentation: we stop being a master thief, we even stop being human, to get under the green skin of a goblin, who survives barely in a floating city that jealously guards its source of power: the World Tree, an ancient source of the most coveted element: amber. This substance is the main energy of the city and is even consumed by man almost like a drug.

It is an interesting approach, although at first it is hard to get into it, giving a slight twist to the hackneyed worlds of elves (there are also in this world), humans and other creatures. It is also seasoned with some plot twist that manages to awaken our interest as we progress, although without any boast. In the end, what matters here is the stealth, just the section where the lights and shadows are more intense.