Wallpapers HD of the Superman Man of Steel Movie

The new film in the Superman saga, directed by Zack Snyder ('300', 'Watchmen') stars Henri Cavill ('The Tudors', 'The Cold Light of Day') as Superman / Clark Kent, and Amy Adams ('The Muppets') as Loise Lane, the Daily Planet reporter. Years ago Clark landed on Earth from a distant planet called Krypton. He was raised and educated by his adoptive parents, Martha (Diane Lane) and Jonathan (Kevin Costner). Years go by and Clark is a young college student who begins to be tormented by the powers he has, noticing that each time they acquire a greater intensity. He wonders what is the origin of his existence and what end he should give to this gift he possesses. The world, ravaged by crime and an external attack, needs more than ever a 'miracle' for peace and stability to return. It is precisely this situation that Clark takes advantage of to apply his powers and become the hero known as Superman. Now, in this new adventure, will he be able to defeat the villains, and more importantly, will he be able to save his people from certain death?