Wallpapers HD of the Supernatural TV Show

27 years ago, brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki, 'Gilmore Girls') and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles, 'Dark Angel', 'Smallville') watched their mother die at the hands of a mysterious supernatural force. As a result, their father John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 'Magic City') dedicated his life to turning them into soldiers. He taught them to fight against the paranormal forces of evil that live in the darkness such as vampires, lycanthropes or ghosts.

John in one of his peculiar spirit hunts disappears; it is time to demonstrate everything he has learned. Sam and Dean Winchester set out on a search with his father's personal diary as the only information about his possible whereabouts. A diary full of details about extraordinary events and superhuman creatures. Along the way they will save innocent victims of paranormal events and collect clues that will bring them closer and closer to their father.