Wallpapers HD of the Sword Art Online Anime

In 2022 Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito in the game) our protagonist of 14 years, is one of the 1000 beta tester who tested the new game called SAO before coming out, now on the market will be one of the first to enter and see the final version, knowing the maps and will take advantage and go to train as soon as you enter without looking at the landscapes and scenery. When a player sees him, he will follow him, realizing that he was a beta tester to ask for advice, and when they try to disconnect, they will realize that there is no option. At the moment they will be transferred to the main square by someone who will turn out to be the creator of the game, threatening them with death if they are disconnected from outside or die inside the game since the helmet uses a kind of microwave waves that are connected to their brain, and will explain to them what their passage through Sword Art Online consists of, and that is that when they pass the 100 floors they can leave and each floor has a boss that they will have to defeat to open the path to freedom. At the end of the explanation each one will lose their avatar and their real form will appear outside the game.

In this step through the game Kirito will meet Asuna, sub-commander of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Blood, and they will establish a relationship, with her help they will defeat the bosses of the floors and guilds of assassins like Laughing Coffin, a guild of assassins who are dedicated to kill players to die in real life.