Wallpapers HD of the Syndicate Game

Syndicate does not waste too much time in explaining what its context consists of. A quick and brief cinematic presents us with statistics and marked infographic style the premise of the videogame, and with scarce quality draws the type of context in which we will move with just a couple of brushstrokes. In the year 2069 political governments no longer have any importance in this universe, and the planet is governed as many fear by multinationals known as the unions that give name to the game. As it could not be otherwise we will be part of one of these megacorporations, and we will do so as a recruit who will carry out missions for one of the sides with sophisticated technological advances at our service. We will be Kilo, a man who will begin his journey under the shelter of the violent and ruthless field agent Merit? a character that will introduce us to the murky world of murders, plots and betrayals that we will live in first person and from a subjective perspective at all times.