Wallpapers HD of the Tadeo Jones Movie

Tadeo is a simple construction worker living in Chicago, but he has an adventurous and dreamy spirit. One day he is mistaken for a popular archaeologist and sent to Peru to carry out a tough assignment. There he will have to stop an organization of thieves who are dedicated to stealing treasures and, on this occasion, they intend to loot a mythical Inca city that has just been discovered.

But in this thrilling adventure Tadeo will not be alone as he will have the help of his faithful dog Jeff; Sara (Michelle Jenner, 'Extraterrestre'), the beautiful archeology teacher; Freddy (Jos� Mota, 'La Chispa de la vida') a strange Peruvian guide who wears a "multipurpose" jacket; a parrot who can't speak, and a bounty hunter. Will Tadeo and his companions be able to save this emblematic city?