Wallpapers HD of the Tarzan 2014 Movie

Kellan Lutz ('The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2', 'Java Heat') takes on the role of this indomitable savage raised among apes who only knows contact with his primate friends. But the natural harmony that surrounds him will be altered with the appearance of Jane (Spencer Locke, 'Resident Evil: Revenge', 'Detention') a young city girl who has a real passion for animals. On this occasion, Tarzan's parents went looking for a way to expand their already millionaire business, but they passed away in that place leaving him alone and helpless. After being raised and learning to survive on his own, Tarzan's world will begin to unravel when the director of his parents' business legacy arrives in the promised land for purely lucrative purposes. The odd couple will then begin a struggle to defend what they love above all else: the living beings that inhabit that magnificent jungle.