Wallpapers HD of the Tera Game

Tera is an online role-playing adventure that bets on a real-time combat system, giving priority to the player's skill above everything else. Throw quick thrusts, be agile while dodging enemy attacks, and rise to glory in this free-to-play MMORPG that takes us to a gigantic fantasy world. In Tera we find the three usual roles in the genre divided into eight different character classes, which respect the holy trinity of MMOs, that is, damage specialist, tank and healer. Grouped in teams, players must combine the special abilities of their heroes to overcome the most difficult challenges of the adventure, ranging from dungeon exploration to fighting giant monsters.

Guilds, the clans formed by players, also play a major role in Tera's action, as fans can fight each other to become the rulers of the various regions that bring the world of Arborea to life.