Wallpapers HD of the Thats my boy Movie

Donny, played by Adam Sandler (Big Kids and Follow My Lead), as a teenager unexpectedly becomes a father. As the only reference and father figure, he raises his son Todd (Andy Samberg, Con derecho a roce, Hotel Transylvania) disastrously until he turns eighteen and is able to support himself. Due to the complicated relationship they establish and the negative example Donny has set for his son, as soon as Todd is able to become independent, the two drift apart and lose contact for several years. But all this changes when Donny learns that his son is about to get married and decides to move into his house to resume the relationship they had abandoned.

Todd's world is turned upside down when his father shows up unannounced and uninvited. Donny will have to face his past mistakes, so he shows up with the intention of connecting and building the father-son bond they never had. The young man's future wife will also be furious with the situation, the antics and characteristic inappropriateness of the new family member will make it quite difficult to keep calm.