Wallpapers HD of the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Game

Every time we hear about Beenox developing a Spider-Man work we have mixed feelings. Activision has been relying on this studio for a few years now to create the titles of this well-known franchise, and the results have been uneven: divided between some as remarkable as Spider-Man: Dimensions or the first The Amazing Spider-Man of 2012, and others as rickety in qualitative terms as the very poor Edge of Time.

If you've seen the note or read the introductory paragraph you're already aware that their new production is far from shining. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not an obnoxious video game, far from it, but it's one that doesn't try anything in particular to make it unique and, what's worse, doesn't quite get any of the things it aims to achieve right. The new title once again bets on a sandbox scheme that doesn't try to encompass an overwhelming number of actions, but even with those limitations it gives the feeling of having been executed in haste and with rather little inspiration. That said, it is a release that will satisfy only the least demanding fans of Peter Parker's adventures.