Wallpapers HD of the The Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, 'The Social Network') is a shy and withdrawn boy who lives with his aunt and uncle, who have raised him since he was a child, trying to fill the gap left by his parents after they abandoned him. His uncle Ben (Martin Sheen, 'Apocalypse Now') and his aunt May ('Sally Field, 'Forrest Gump'), have tried to instill in him a good education and solid values, which have turned Peter into a good, generous and sensible boy. However, the feeling of orphanhood will always remain within him, as well as a congenital sadness that makes him different from the rest of his classmates.

His crush is a high school classmate, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone, 'The Maids'), who becomes his greatest source of support, friendship and confidences. During a visit to a scientific laboratory, he is bitten by a strange spider subjected to various genetic experiments. From that moment on, Peter's body will begin to change, and soon he will realize the incredible actions he can carry out with his new physiognomy, becoming Spiderman.