Wallpapers HD of the The Cleveland Show TV Show

Spin off of 'Family Guy', which follows the adventures of Cleveland Brown, Peter Griffin's docile neighbor, when he decides to move to California to start a new life after his separation from Loretta. Like other series by creator Seth MacFarlane, 'The Cleveland Show' is characterized by its taboo-breaking, tongue-in-cheek humor. Cleveland Brown's life changed when his wife, Loretta, left him and their overweight son, Junior. Cleveland leaves Quahog and moves to his hometown in California. There he soon meets Donna, a former classmate he was in love with who ended up marrying someone else. Now, Donna is separated and has two children, the daring teenager Roberta, and the hooligan Rallo.

Soon Cleveland manages to win Donna's love, and the two end up marrying and starting a new life together with their children in her old house. Now Cleveland must adapt to his new way of life, to his new neighbors and friends, to his new job? Will he be able to surpass his friend Peter Griffin or Stan Smith in popularity?