Wallpapers HD of the The Croods Movie

After their cave was devastated by an earthquake, a caveman clan has to move out of the area where they have always lived. Led by the tribe's chief, Crug (voiced in the original version by Nicolas Cage, Adaptation (The Orchid Thief), they search for a place away from the affected area where they can settle, but the journey through the unknown world will be full of unexpected adventures. Crug's family will meet other more modern-minded clans that will open the conservative minds of its members. The leader's authority will be undermined by the appearance of one character in particular, Guy (voice of Ryan Reynolds, The Guest), who will reveal to the group strange powers such as the ability to create fire.

With this 3D animated story, Dreamworks gives us a trip to the prehistoric past full of adventures in the company of Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener (Virgin at 40), and Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man), who will voice the main characters.