Wallpapers HD of the The Division Game

The creators of World in Conflict, Massive Entertainment, present The Division, a video game of Open World online RPG character, ie open world action and role-playing, in which we plunge into a post-apocalyptic New York subjected by dangerous gangs of thugs and bandits who take advantage of the state of emergency.

The Division is third-person action in a world plagued by a plague, all framed in a gameplay experience in which cooperation between up to four players is essential to survive. However in the Dark Zone, where the lines between friends and enemies are blurred, is where the strongest emotions of this shooter are hidden and where, to get the loot, we will have to participate in the dangerous extractions. In them it is common to betray or be betrayed, and we never know what the hostile shootouts will bring us within the addictive universe that makes up the Ubisoft title.