Wallpapers HD of the The Hangover Part III Movie

Director Todd Phillips (The Countdown) brings us the third and final installment of this outrageous adventure series starring the comical trio of friends Phil (Bradley Cooper, Limitless), Stu (Ed Helms, TV's The Office) and Alan (Zach Galifianakis, The Office) who are responsible for the plot threads of the previous films. After grossing more than $581 million at the box office worldwide with the second part of this crazy saga, Hangover 3 picks up where the story of the previous film left off. Our friends will embark on a new episode that will have as its central axis the crazy escape from a mental institution organized by one of our protagonists.

The plot of the closing of this saga forgets the format of the first two installments to which we were accustomed in order to build a completely different ending, but that maintains its comic essence. This chapter will bring numerous changes that will definitely surprise viewers and fans of the series, closing the trilogy in style. An original adventure that breaks with the style of the previous ones and originally develops its plot to leave us all speechless.