Wallpapers HD of the The Lorax Movie

About The Lorax

"The Lorax" is a heartwarming animated film based on Dr. Seuss's beloved book, known for its charming characters and environmental themes. In this movie, viewers will meet a variety of memorable characters who play important roles in the story's message.

The Lorax

The Lorax is a small, orange, mustachioed creature who serves as the guardian of the forest. He speaks for the trees and advocates for environmental conservation.

Ted Wiggins

Ted Wiggins is the film's young and curious protagonist. He embarks on a quest to discover the story of the Once-ler and find a real tree for the girl he loves.

The Once-ler

The Once-ler is a mysterious figure who plays a pivotal role in the story. He represents corporate greed and the environmental harm caused by unsustainable business practices.


Audrey is Ted's kind and environmentally conscious neighbor. She dreams of seeing a real tree, and her desires drive Ted's mission to find one.