Wallpapers HD of the The Maze Runner Movie

Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) opens his eyes and realizes he is in an elevator. The strange thing is that he doesn't remember anything, where he is or who he is. The only thing that still remains intact in his memory is his name, and that's already a lot. Before he has time to question anything about himself, the doors open and a strange world appears before him. All he sees are kids his age who share his same state of amnesia. A fantastic adventure that will soon uncover the harsh reality hidden under that veil of uncertainty: they are all trapped in a labyrinth. If they want to have any chance of getting out of there and recover their old life and what they are unable to remember, they will have to join forces to escape. A post-apocalyptic world that will corner them and will always be one step ahead of them will be the challenge that these young people will have to face if they want to be free again.