Wallpapers HD of the The Order 1886 Game

To say at this point that The Order: 1886 is the most anticipated game of the first half of the year for PlayStation 4 is a truism, right? The video game has been surprising everyone since its announcement with its graphics and art, and with a proposal from the conceptual and argumental point of view that promised a lot. Unfortunately, and practically from the first time it was made public, it has been accompanied by harsh criticism from many fans, questioning alleged problems derived from an excessively linear approach and, in the last weeks prior to its release, also from a hypothetical brevity in its campaign: at the same time the only playable proposal included in the program.

Unfortunately, and this will not be the last time we use this expression throughout the text, the problems of Ready at Dawn's title have turned out to be very different from what was feared. This work would not be better if it were more open in its maps, or if it had a campaign that lasted longer, because its drawbacks are much more deeply rooted in its concept. The Californian creators who signed it proved their worth in the past with products as recommendable as God of War for PSP, however their ideas and conceptions have been far from what a Triple-A of the dimensions of what they offer on this occasion needed and that, in addition, sought to be the beginning of a saga whose birth will surely be discouraged by specialized critics, and that will only be possible in case of having millionaire sales.