Wallpapers HD of the The Simpsons The Movie Movie

The most famous yellow family on the planet makes the leap to the big screen. Green Day is the group in charge of humming the main tune of the series before their platform is destroyed by the waste in Springfield's lake. The city is on the verge of environmental catastrophe and Homer will be guilty of crossing that line by dumping a container with the excrement of his new friend, Spider Pig. The news reaches the ears of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Groening's President of the United States, who will decide to isolate the city inside a glass dome. The neighbors can't stand this confinement and decide to go after the culprit. The Simpson family must flee the city to avoid being beaten and Maggie will be the secret to find the way out.

Homer must solve the problem and will look for help in his subconscious. Marge will continue to be that long-suffering mother who gets carried away by her husband's follies. Lisa will find love while Maggie plays with her pacifier and Bart skates naked through the streets. Any excuse is good to live a new adventure with The Simpsons.