Wallpapers HD of the The Walking Dead TV Show

The Walking Dead's story takes us to a post-pandemic scenario in which a virus has wiped out almost the entire world's population, turning them into zombies. We will witness the struggle of a group of survivors to stay safe in this environment infested with zombies or, as they prefer to call them, walkers. Our protagonist, Rick Grimes is a cop who wakes up from a comatose state and finds this desolate panorama. His only reason to keep going is to find his wife Lori and son Carl. Both, who are still alive, are in a group of survivors that also includes Rick's former patrol partner and best friend Shane Walsh with whom Lori, believing her husband dead, is having an affair.

The series, based on Robert Kirkman's comics, also features several communities of survivors who have tried to carry on with their lives despite being in constant danger from walkers and other enemies worse than the infected themselves.