Wallpapers HD of the The Wolf Among Us Game

The wolf among us adventure is inspired by the comic book Fables. The video game is set in a neighborhood and some parts of New York where fairy tale characters try to lead a normal life, with a "normal" appearance even through enchantments that hide their real appearance that in the case of some characters would not allow them to go unnoticed among the rest of the population. We play the wolf (from tales like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs), who also with a human appearance, is the commissioner of the fabled neighborhood, the one in charge of making sure that everything follows its course correctly and that no fable breaks the established laws. All this while trying to prove through his actions that he is no longer evil as he was originally in the world of fairy tales. However, everything takes an unexpected turn when someone begins to murder fables in the fabled neighborhood, and our character will be involved in a complicated investigation where nothing is what it seems and almost everyone is hiding something.