Wallpapers HD of the The Wolf of Wall Street Movie

Jordan Belfort is very young, just 24 years old, but he is also very ambitious. His eagerness to make money leads him to become a prominent Wall Street broker and director of the Stratton Oakmont investment firm, willing to do anything to become rich. It was the 1990s and on the New York stock exchange almost anything goes. At the cost of dealing in junk bonds and swindling numerous investors, Belfort soon becomes a money-making machine, and also a money-spending machine. In one day he can fatten his accounts with millions of dollars and spend them at night at the same speed. The dirty game he plays in the stock market is also applied in his extra-professional life. Drugs, prostitutes, expensive luxury whims... Anything goes in the life of excess of this character, the Wolf of Wall Street, who is inspired by a real life, flesh and blood.