Wallpapers HD of the The Wolverine Movie

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, 'Pure Steel') continues his retreat from civilization until he comes across a chance to say a final goodbye to an old friend. It is then that he embarks on a journey into the unknown to Japan, but when he gets there he discovers that the reasons for his reunion are completely different, and he will be immersed in the middle of a dispute for power and the inheritance of a great family. The daughter of the venerable old man he met long ago is in danger, and he will do everything he can to protect her from the yakuza and their entourage of dangerous samurai who will pursue them throughout the country.

But another danger lurks, as Logan's immortality is at stake and he will have to fight pain and blood for the first time. All this in his moment of greatest weakness, testing his spirit and his physical strength, discovering the limits and the curse of his immortality.