Wallpapers HD of the Titanfall 2 Game

Titanfall 2' is basically about taking down the bad guys. Whoever they are. But, above all, what Respawn wanted to do at the plot level is to portray the relationship between Jack Cooper, the protagonist, and a titan called BT-7274 (BT for friends). The thing goes like this as I have understood it (you know that the story of the vast majority of games, however simple it is, ends up becoming a ball in our minds): Cooper is a Militia rifleman, not a pilot, so they send him to the battlefield to fight the IMC bare-chested on a nice planet called Typhoon. For whatever reason, the IMC manages to kick the Militia's ass, which, among other things, leaves BT-7274 without his (dead) pilot. BT decides to neural link up with Cooper so he can collaborate and continue the mission assigned to him. And that's where the story really kicks off.