Wallpapers HD of the Titanic 3D Movie

Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio, 'The Great Gatsby'), a humble young artist, and Rose (Kate Winslet, 'A Savage God'), a well-to-do girl, meet aboard the Titanic, the most spectacular ship to ever sail the seven seas. Jack has won his ticket in a gambling game, and his quarters on the ship are not exactly comfortable. Rose, on the other hand, is not happy with her lot, as she is engaged to a man she does not love, Caledon (Billy Zane), who treats her as if she were just another of his possessions, forgetting that she is in fact a human being.

The young woman will see in Jack a romantic beau made to her measure, but their love is impossible due to the social barriers that separate them. When the two are determined to fight for their feelings, the ship hits an iceberg, madness breaks out and a generalized struggle for survival begins.