Wallpapers HD of the Uncharted 4 a Thiefs End Game

Uncharted 4: The Thief's End is a PS4 exclusive game created by Naughty Dog, and edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment. A video game that comes to close the adventures of the well-known treasure hunter so well known on PlayStation consoles. The title is an action adventure and exploration in third person starring Nathan Drake, who in this installment of the saga poses an existential dilemma after all the exploits experienced in previous games. In fact we delve into the past of the hero, since throughout the campaign we meet his brother Sam Drake, one of the great novelties and a very important point when delving into the fascinating genesis of this authentic Indiana Jones of the game consoles. Action, adventure and platforming with cinematic rhythm from the creators of The Last of Us and Crash Bandicoot, among many others, which raises the bar of spectacularity of previous games with a host of fast-paced scenes ready to take us to the limit in shootouts, stunts and platforming sequences. In Uncharted 4: A Thief's End there is no shortage of puzzles that test our ability to "give the coconut", nor some new ideas and gameplay mechanics such as the fact that we can choose what the hero says in some dialogues.