Wallpapers HD of the Utopia TV Show

Utopia is a British thriller written by Dennis Kelly and starring Fiona O'Shaughnessy (Outcast, Malice in Wonderland), Adeel Akhtar (Coming up, Law and Order) and Paul Higgins (Line of duty, Vera), among others. The plot is set in London, although most of the series is shot in Merseyside and West Lancashire. The story follows a small group of people, strangers to each other, who decide to meet up because they have obtained the manuscript of a cult comic book sequel called 'The Utopia Experiments'. This document is rumored to predict the worst disasters of the last century.

This leads them to be targeted by an organization known as 'The Network' which they must avoid at all costs if they want to stay alive. To do so, they must decipher the meaning hidden inside the manuscript before the disasters predicted in it become reality.