Wallpapers HD of the VGHS Video Game High School TV Show

The series is set in the near future, where video games are one of the world's most competitive and popular sports, launching its best players to stardom.4 "The Law," a master of first-person shooter (FPS), is one of these famous players. A television station invites him to its studios to play live on a nationally broadcast program. Randomly selected players join the game and he kills them without showing the slightest effort. Increasingly bored, he tries to kill them in increasingly risky ways and all goes well until he gets an unexpected shot from Brian, a normal high school student, which kills him. This lucky break earns the latter an international reputation and a place at Video Game High School (VGHS), an elite academy for the world's best gamers. Unfortunately, after this, The Law resents Brian and since he also attends VGHS he has decided to harass him in order to force him to leave the school.

The protagonist of the series is BrianD, the friends and enemies he will be making at this school, presenting the typical common school dramas but with video games in the background. The series uses live action scenes to recreate what happens in the video games they will be playing.