Wallpapers HD of the Warcraft 3 Game

One of the great classics of real-time strategy comes back to life with Warcraft III: Reforged, a remastering that improves the graphics of Blizzard's videogame with new modeling for characters and buildings, as well as more colorful and detailed scenarios. This is not its only novelty. The remastering of Warcraft 3 includes all the contents of the original game, Reign of Chaos, plus its expansion The Frozen Throne, which expanded the experience with new story missions and new units for the armies of the Horde, Alliance, Night Elves and undead. This means nearly 50 hours of a story mode that marked an era thanks to the charisma of its heroes and villains, with characters such as Thrall, Arthas or Illidan among the most important and remembered.

Warcraft III Reforged also offers the complete content editor that served in the past to create the legendary DOTA, as well as a powerful multiplayer that will make us enjoy exciting battles against players from around the world, leaving aside for a few moments the epic struggle against the Burning Legion of the campaign mode.