Wallpapers HD of the Warhammer 40K Space Marine Game

The game's plot line involves the Graia Forge World (a planet dedicated to military production) which has been invaded by Ork aliens. The game follows a three-man command squad of Ultramarines, second company commander and playable character Captain Titus, his immediate subordinate veteran Sergeant Sidonus and relatively inexperienced and by-the-book Marine tactician named Leandros.

Initially the squadron's arrival assists the outnumbered and saturated Imperial Guard regiments fighting on the planet's surface, which after the defeat in battle of all senior officers are now led by the sole surviving junior officer, Second Lieutenant Mira; she briefs Captain Titus of the current situation and briefly accompanies the squad to their next waypoint. Tito agrees to silence the captured planetary defense guns that have been preventing supply ships from reaching the beleaguered defenders. This done, Mira thanks the Space Marines and continues to assist Tito however she may in the course of the game, in the midst of re-organizing the remaining Imperial Guard forces and try to keep most of the invading hordes at bay until the delayed reinforcement fleet arrives. The Space Marines then move on to continue their mission and, in the midst of securing the Titan Invictus (one of a class of giant, bipedal war machines that occur primarily on Graia and the main reason for the Ultramarine's deployment there), respond to a dangerous situation calling from the wounded Imperial Inquisitor Drogan, from whom they learn of a weapon that can wipe out the Orks but which needs a power source that is located in a reactor below the Manufactorum. Titus retrieves it and activates the Psychic Plague, but the Orks do not die. Instead a warp gate to the Chaos psychic sphere opens, releasing several demons that slaughter the surrounding Orks. Moments later, the Chaos Lord Nemeroth emerges from the portal. Using his Warp powers, he subdues the squad of Space Marines as Inquisitor Drogan arrives through the elevator and approaches Nemeroth, revealing his allegiance to the Chaos Lord. It is then revealed that Drogan was killed sometime before meeting Titus and his corpse was possessed and used by Nemeroth as a sleeper agent. Titus gathers enough strength to grab the power source, which had been expelled from the Plague, and Nemeroth is ambushed by Grimskull, the Orkish Warlord in charge of his invasion of Graia, allowing the Space Marines to escape.